Substitution ciphers: cryptanalysis and other attacking techniques

Bachelor's degree thesis coping with classical ciphers and their security flaws, along with a real-world case analysis - Zodiac 408.

Landmark Challenge 101 [in progress]

Landmark Challenge is a platform to gamify traveling, allowing you to upload photos of your favorite monuments that are subsequently recognized by an ML engine, unlocking in this way a variety of badges and achievements.

Step-by-step guide to build up your personal website with custom domain

GitHub Pages + CloudFlare + Namecheap = your personal website up and running in a few minutes. This guide drives you in a step-by-step explanation on how to build up your free website, manage content easily, link a custom domain, enforce encryption and so on.

Baby-step Giant-step

The computation of discrete logarithm is one of the most outstanding open problems within the area of public key cryptography, as its extreme complexity ensures security during data transfer. Baby-step Giant-step is a so called meet-in-the-middle algorithm that partially easies the computation.